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Weird new antiques or retro style?

Quite often, photo camera manufacturers try to differentiate themselves one from each other and, for a few years, they only got two ideas: colorful cameras retro-styled cameras that try not to look old Two recent examples: A white Nikon V1 and a retro-styled Samsung NX-200 RS (with only a metalized plastic top to distance itself […]


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  • Yves Roumazeilles: This lens is delayed by a few weeks (officially, end of April). Probably nothing very noticeable,...
  • Yves Roumazeilles: Sorry that, at the time of publication of this article, the video was already removed. This is...
  • Yves Roumazeilles: Just follow the link to Jens gallery. http://www.lasthein.se/
  • Bartosz Strzelec: I came here from Bing thinkink it’s photography blog, but where are You shots ? Is it all?
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