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Comparison new Sony, old Nikon, Canon [updated]

In a few hours, the two new SLR photo cameras from Sony, the Sony Alpha 77 and Sony Alpha 65 will be fully official. Since a lot of information reached our ears already through a number of different leaks, it is now possible to make a few educated guesses and to attempt a comparison with…

Hasselblad: Wait and see

When you don’t have much to tell and the competition is launching products like Spring is blooming, what do you do? Like Hasselabld, you announce… that you will announce “exciting news” on the 22th of September, when the Photokina opens. This is definitely not viral marketing.

Photo scammers: The naked truth

photo credit: Don Hankins It appears that -at least in some cases- many ads from Google (like the ones I display on my web sites) are presenting fraudulent business proposals. Usually they are recognizable by the fact that they makes too-good-to-be-true offers (half-price photo cameras or basement-sale prices for pro equipment). But it is not…

Why you need an expensive camera

Despite all the positive aspects of cheap photo cameras, many a photographer will outgrow its camera possibilities. For good reasons, some day, you will need/want a more powerful photographic power horse, will you not? Cheap cameras are cheaply built. Though the least expensive cameras are quite sturdy, it’s true that they are not as strong…

Could I get your photo for free?

This is a question more common than you would think. And this is the worst situation for a pro-photographer: All these people who would want the artwork fro nothing. And would we dare discuss/bargain/complain/negotiate the same way with some other professions? YouTube link