Pentax K30D, still in preparation?

The Pentax representatives and PR people keep telling us that the Pentax K20D is not replaced by the newest Pentax K-7. So, what? Do you replace the K20D or not? The answer could come from Samsung, forever-partner of Pentax for digital SLR photo cameras. The network of informers in direct contact with Samsung keeps repeating […]

This month best

Link love Those are the best links found recently: 5 Elements of Composition in Photography: Pattern, Symmetry, Texture, Depth of Field, Lines. 5 More Elements of Composition in Photography: Framing, Perspective, Space, Balance, Color. The 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials of 2008 A camera obscura can be as large as a room Most-read articles The […]

New Pentax K SLR coming (K7D?)

I leave the keyboard for a couple of days and here is a flurry of people giving us information about the possible new Pentax SLR photo camera. The most obvious point was the appearance of an ad for it. And a German user informed us that the name should be Pentax K7D. This would be […]

New Pentax: Weirder and weirder

Things are getting more and more difficult to understand in the rumour coming from Shanghai about the possible new Pentax SLR. After a first blurry image, we now get a photo which shows a group of Pentax SLR photo cameras and the one on the left cannot be identified as one of the existing products. […]

New blurry Pentax SLR is seen

We know from multiple sources that Pentax is preparing a new digital SLR photo camera that could be bringing a number of surprises including a significant change in the body form. Rice High has actually found on a Chinese forum a blurry image that would be showing part of a new Pentax SLR photo camera. […]

Pentax joins megapixel truce

We had seen that Olympus thought stopping the race for pixels taking 12 mega-pixels as the maximum really needed by most photographers. But they had satyed more or less isolated… up to now. FotoMagazin, German monthly photo magazine, tells us the news in its lastest (April) issue: Pentax joins Olympus in the non-race. After Nikon […]

Pentax next moves

Were you waiting for news from Pentax, maybe in the shape of a Pentax K30D? We will have to wait together. This is DC.Watch.Impress who was able to interview Taku Sendai, Product planning manager at Hoya (Pentax mother company). First of all, we get the confirmation that the 645 range of large format cameras will […]

This month best

Link love Those are the best links found recently: Ligue des sites naturalistes extraordinaires to see a lot of animal photos [in French, but it’s OK] Teleconverters (Multipliers) – A technical overview from Bob Atkins Selling your Photos as Wallpaper describes all about the success of a photographer who is selling his photos as a […]

First touchscreen SLR camera?

What do you think about this? There are already several point-and-shoot compact cameras using LCD touchscreens for all or part of the user interface. But, to this day, none of the major SLR camera manufacturers did try this on a them while it would be relatively easy to push this into a design budget for […]

Compare all rumours

Using Google Trends, I tried to see the impact of what I thought were the most notable rumours in preparation of the next PMA fair in March. Was I in for a surprise! Pentax does not even score on the graph for the Pentax K30D… Visibly, the Nikon D400 is considered more worth of rumours […]


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