Summary-Analysis of Nikon rumors

While Summer heat (in the Northern hemisphere) starts to have a heavy influence on our dreams of holidays and on our ability to think clearly, we are more and more to wonder what Nikon is preparing us: The launch of the Nikon D7000 is now far in the past in mid-2010, the entry-level range is […]

Nikon D800, not right now

According to the Spanish webzine QUESABESDE.COM, Nikon has clarified (at least internally) what to do with the upcoming replacement of the Nikon D700 (FX large sensor with a high sensitivity). Because of the impact of the Japanese earthquake on the Sendai plant normally used to work on the pro SLR cameras of Nikon, the future […]

Nikon: Delays on D4, D800

The impact of the earthquake on 11 March in Japan on the Nikon Sendai plant will have significant consequences for the launches of the Nikon D4 and Nikon D800. They were to be launched before Summer to be manufacturer in Sendai. The manufacturing process will not be ready until the production is transferred to Malaysia. […]

24MP/FF for Nikon and Sony

photo credit: Edur8 There is currently a Full Frame digital sensor being developed by Sony. Or more precisely, Sony currently works on a 24 mega-pixel technology in the Full Frame form factor (FX in the Nikon local language) and the two applications actually forecast are at Nikon for building the Nikon D800 and at Sony […]

Nikon D800 instead of D700s?

Digital Rev, which is not used to propagating false rumours (or any rumors at all, by the way) up to now, just published a small article explaining why there will be no Nikon D700s (a minor improvement over the current Nikon D700 Full Frame DSLR camera): It would not be powerful enough to kick the […]

PMA 2010

The PMA in Las Vegas is now arriving fast. After a long time of little rumors, here comes the moment for big rumors, but not the actual revelations yet. Nikon has been telling the world that they intended to have a great year 2010. It seems that they will bring a new DSLR (it could […]

New Nikon coming

Christian Fletcher is a landscape photographer who has grown very attached to his Full Frame Canon equipment (read: Canon EOS 5D MkII). Interestingly, he seems informed of upcoming pro photo camera(s) which will be sufficiently more attractive to push him into Nikon’s arms. What will be this super-Nikon camera? Origin: NR.

News expected this week

We are told that this Fall is a great time for news on the SLR market. I let you judge by yourself: Canon: one announcement would be a definite possibility to replace the Canon 1D Mk III with a Canon 1D Mk IV and maybe also a Canon EOS 7D whose top cover and a […]

Compare all rumours

Using Google Trends, I tried to see the impact of what I thought were the most notable rumours in preparation of the next PMA fair in March. Was I in for a surprise! Pentax does not even score on the graph for the Pentax K30D… Visibly, the Nikon D400 is considered more worth of rumours […]

Nikon D700x or Nikon D800

RYC has dropped a new possible name for one Nikon camera to be announced during or before the next PMA fair: Nikon D700x. I assume that this is yet another different side of the same game. Keep your eyes peeled for the last days of February.


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