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New firmware for Sony Alpha 850/900: Tomorrow Now confirmed

photo © 2010 yellowcloud | more info (via: Wylio) Update: This is now confirmed and the firmware can be downloaded freely. According to SonyAlphaRumors.com, Sony will present tomorrow a new version of the firmware for the Sony Alpha 850 and 900 SLR Full Frame photo cameras. It should bring: Faster Autofocus Maximum exposure compensation range:…

IrfanView upgraded

The excellent images handling software program, IrfanView, has just been upgraded to version 4.27. Command line options to handle images with scripts (actions) or filters. Addition of a border or a frame. Addition of new filters and file formats. The screen copies options now allow to handle larger objects like a full web page (auto-scroll…

Aviary goes free

Aviary, one of the best online graphics edition software, just changed its pricing model. Instead of the subscriptions previously used, they went for a new price structure: 100% free. Supported by new financial partners, they offer their tools for free. Impressive free tool suite. The announcement on the Aviary blog.

Trash your photos

Photofunia is a fun way to transform your photos in a way that is technically interesting. You will surprise your friends with dozens of cool (and free) effects. For example, I created this weirder than weird image of Michael Jackson (from the thumbnail shown below).

False HDR for free

If you want to get an HDR (High Dynamic Range) aspect to your photos but do not want to spend the effort of taking multiple picture and combining them together, there is a free solution: Fake it! Forget all the hassle and apply the right image transformations to obtain a picture with all the features…