Nikon D7100 or Nikon D400?

According to a small bit of information I received, Nikon may not be ready to launch a new successor to the Nikon D300s, also known as Nikon D400. However, they have a Nikon D7100 in the works. The D7100 would be the first Nikon camera using the same digital sensor as the Sony Alpha 77 […]

Summary-Analysis of Nikon rumors

While Summer heat (in the Northern hemisphere) starts to have a heavy influence on our dreams of holidays and on our ability to think clearly, we are more and more to wonder what Nikon is preparing us: The launch of the Nikon D7000 is now far in the past in mid-2010, the entry-level range is […]

Sony A77 & A65 – stolen images

Sony Alpha 77 & Alpha 65 got a nice photo of the upcoming Sony Alpha 77 that is expected to be the successor to the (now) old sony Alpha 700. This is still a rumor coming from a leaked image, but it looks like one of the most accurate information up to now. This is the confirmation of the tilt-and-swivel […]

Repair the D300s

Repair Nikon D300s

Before the D400 comes and replaces the Nikon D300s, let’s see how you can repair the pent bent pin from a CF card connector. A time-lapse video. YouTube link

Nikon: Delays on D4, D800

The impact of the earthquake on 11 March in Japan on the Nikon Sendai plant will have significant consequences for the launches of the Nikon D4 and Nikon D800. They were to be launched before Summer to be manufacturer in Sendai. The manufacturing process will not be ready until the production is transferred to Malaysia. […]

What is in the Nikon D400?

Nikon D400?

One of the most expected SLR photo camera of 2011 will certainly be the Nikon D400. I have to admit that the name is not official yet, and is only the product of a reasonable speculation, but the successor to the Nikon D300s could easily hold this name. The D300s is currently the Nikon flagship […]

All Nikon in 2009 & 2010

NikonRumors has shaken our little world of Internet digital photography by presenting what could well be Nikon’s marching order for the coming year (and a little more). Hold on! There are a lot of details for a single post on a Czech forum: August 4, 2009 Nikon D3000 Nikon D300s with Full-HD movie 24 fps, […]

Nikon next news conferences

Without being able to show the exact contents, we can tell that the next news press conferences organized by Nikon will happen on July 30, and August 4. I wouldn’t believe they are ready to predict Lottery results. So, you can figure out what is coming.

The Nikon D300s is semi-official

It’s on an official Nikon US web site that this image appeared. Supposedly to describe seemingly independent techniques, the article used (this has been changed now) what appeared to be screen copies of the LCD back screen of the Nikon D300s which is still unannounced. Many people expect that under this name (or under the […]

Nikon D300s – Maybe

I am so uncertain about this rumour that I will not even copy the details here. Nikon Rumor is telling us that there will be an upgrade to the Nikon D300 under the name of Nikon D300s. Honestly, how would Nikon add HD video to an existing design? That would be the smallest increment to […]


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